Doors – The Most Important Home Security Component – By Locksmith Las Vegas

Most people think of technology such as cameras for recording, motion detectors, and alarms when they think of home security. These are good choices to implement in home security systems, however the most important security component is often forgotten. Home doors are the first level of protection against break-ins and should be carefully considered. The

Locksmithing – Science and Art of Making and Defeating Locks – By Locksmith Las Vegas

Locksmithing can be compared to a type of art. To be proficient it requires extensive training and practice. A “smith” is someone who takes metal pieces and forms them into something tangible, either for one specific use of to be used in something larger. Locksmithing can be called the art of creating and putting together

Auto Locksmith – When in Need – By Locksmith Las Vegas

  Have you ever gotten locked out of your vehicle? This is actually a common occurrence, and when it happens there is only one person who can help you out.   An automobile locksmith is the person to turn to if you got locked out of your car. There is a high demand for auto

5 Reasons For Using a Certified Locksmith | Locksmith Las Vegas

At some point in our lives, everyone has the need to call a locksmith for his services. No matter if we’ve been locked out of our house or car or just need a simple rekey, choosing the right locksmith is no laughing matter.  An internet search provides hundreds or results, so how can you know

The Price of Going Cheap When it Comes to Locksmiths | Locksmith Las Vegas

The Price of Going Cheap When it Comes to Locksmiths / By Locksmith Las Vegas Sometimes in life it doesn’t pay to be cheap. I’m going to share my story with you in order to warn you about occurrences that happen when you decide to be cheap, especially in the case of choosing a locksmith.

Key Cutting Technology – Locksmith Las Vegas

Key Cutting Technology Here at Las Vegas Locksmith we have the ability to cut all sorts of keys, from a simple front door key, to high security locks, mailboxes, car keys and just about any type of key you can think of is possible for us to cut for you. Our mobile service units will