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We are locksmith company in Las Vegas that have a wide array of residential services to help you out of any kind of circumstance. With the jam packed family and working lives that we lead, it becomes very easy to make little errors such as locking yourself out of your home, this is a very common occurrence and something our staff at Locksmith Las Vegas can deal with competently. Our technicians are well trained and have a vast amount of practical expertise helping client after client on a daily basis. Taking good care of our customers in their time of need is very important to us, so when it comes to your residential needs we take your issues very seriously.

Las Vegas Locksmith Services: (702) 577-2941

Our Residential Locksmith Services:

There are often those times where we run into problems at our home, maybe with internal locks, external locks or items that lock with in our property. Las Vegas Locksmith have dedicated services that cover all residential needs. Some of the residential services that can be provided by our wonderful team of technicians are:

  • House Lockout Service
  • New Lock installation or fix
  • Re-Keying service
  • Mailboxes
  • Key Cutting Service
  • Internal Doors
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Shed / Outside storage
  • Padlocks
  • Window Locks
  • Safes, Cabinets and Desk
  • Surveillance System / CCTV
  • High Security Locks
  • Security Consultations

24-Hour Locksmith in Las Vegas: (702) 577-2941

Residential Services

In the case of an emergency we can be by your side in 20 minutes or under helping you through a crisis like a break in or a lockout. We can also provide an appointment service for those less pressing but equally as important matters. Call us on (702) 577-2941

Locksmith Las Vegas LLC for Your House

Las Vegas Locksmith have excellent customer satisfaction rates because we really do care about your needs and expectations. Our technicians can offer you advice and knowledge as well as quality service and product supply. Our insured and bonded technicians use the very best tools suitable for the job at hand so you don’t have to worry further about bad craftsmanship or a poor job being conducted. Our technicians will never cause further damage to you property it is only a few cowboy technicians that are out there that you would have to worry out.

Feel free to call our 24 hour customer service line (702) 577-2941 at any time to discuss your home’s security issues, request a service or to ask for a security evaluation. Las Vegas Locksmith are always happy to help and receive your call.

More About Our Services:

Entry door lock service

Our first service is entry door locks. Entry door locks are very important whether it’s a home or a building. To keep everything in your home safe the most reliable service is entry house locks. we have a variety to choose from depending on what you desire we will also install them. They have less probability of having a problem and are very easy to use. With feasibility of our services its time not to worry about getting a new professional locksmith to help you with your locking system.

Mailbox lock service

Mailboxes should be highly protected they have very sensitive information that can be used in a wrong way and can be highly harmful. Our locking system for mailbox is available to protect you documents. They can be installed and they are checked by us from time to time if they working properly and effectively.

Garage Locks service

Garage door locks can be damaged by many factors. The wear and tear which can happen due to weather or if a burglar tried to get inside your house. To protect the most important belongings of yours like your car and other possessions we offer you locking system for garage door. With high complexity level of function, they are very easy to sue and highly efficient. We also check them plus reinstall them whenever the need arises.

Outdoor locking system

To highly protect your home your outdoors should be protected too. Our outdoor locking system provides you the protection that you need without any hassles. With a wide range of locking system to select from each one of them will protect your home and your possessions. The durability of the locks is not questionable we use only the good fittings that should be provided to the people.

Rekeying service

Many factors can occur that you need a rekey of the whole house. To secure you house completely without the third party interfering you need the best locking system. We provide house rekeying which will help you give access to those you want. Our rekeying system is fast and only the best people are working with us because we know how sensitive it is to rekey an old lock. We make sure no aspect of your property is being damaged during this whole process
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House lockout service

The house lockout problem can occur at any time it’s the most unpleasant event that could take place. Any issue can occur inside the house if you don’t have the keys. We provide you the service of easily opening your locks and getting you out of worry at no time. We provide this service 24/7 so that you have nothing to worry about. We ensure that the unlocking process wont damage any of your belongings and you work will be done too without any hassles.
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Locks changing service

If you have lost your house keys new can be made easily. Many times due to hum an error we find ourselves at fault. Due to rough use sometimes key gets broken inside the lock and this leads to changing the lock ultimately we cater for changing locks. With the best for you, you can select and the installation to maintenance will be done by our man. Our locks are highly resilient to any problems and can help you secure your environment.
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