High Security Lock

High Security locks are always a good option when it comes to securing your residential property or business location. Good quality high security locks will give you that added protection and peace of mind. High Security Locks have additional technology that help battle against criminal activity. The locks use certain designs and characteristics that help fight manipulation and forced entry.

Las Vegas Locksmith would recommend you considering using high security locks because of their various functions included in the design of the lock. Such as:-

Key Differs – having a high number of real and hypothetical key differs that will help prevent cross keying but allow tricky master key arrangement.

Restrictive Keyway – A complex key entry system that will tire and frustrate attackers when trying to use manipulation tools making it more difficult to maneuver inside the lock.

Key Control – A lot of high security locks are patent protected only allowing authorized manufacturers and therefore limiting Key duplication for those high security locks may require a security card to be presented before duplication is allowed. They can also require a specific type of cutting machine to make copies.

Forced Entry Resistance – locks using stronger, hardened materials to resist repetitive blows and attacks.

Manipulation – locks which are designed to avoid picking and cracking with added security pins inside the tumbler.

This was some of the added benefits of having high security locks installed, we strongly recommend high security locks from the following manufacturers.

Medeco, Assa, Fichet , Schlage, Primus, Abus, Chubb, Kwikset, Mater Lock, Mul-T-Lock, Yale, Sergeant and Greenleaf and many more

Any lock installation requires professional knowledge and skill that the locks perform to their best. Using one of our technicians at Las Vegas Locksmiths will save you time and money. Some of the different high security locks available are:-

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