Residential Services

We are a locksmith company in Las Vegas that offers a wide array of residential services to help you out of any kind of circumstance. Since we lead very rushed lives these days with family and work breathing down our back, we tend to make mistakes more easily. These include locking yourself out of your home or leaving your keys inside your car. These are very common occurrences and something our team at Locksmith Las Vegas can assist you with completely. In addition, our technicians are well trained and have a vast amount of practical expertise helping our clients day after day. Taking good care of our customers when they need it most is very important to us. So when it comes to your residential needs, we take your issues very seriously.

Las Vegas Locksmith Services: (702) 577-2941

Our Residential Locksmith Services:

There are often those times where we run into problems at our home, maybe with internal locks, external locks or items that lock with in our property. Residential Locksmith Las Vegas Las Vegas Locksmith has dedicated services that cover all residential needs. Some of the residential services that can be provided by our wonderful team of technicians are:

Residential Locksmith Las Vegas

24-Hour Residential Locksmith Las Vegas: (702) 577-2941

In the case of an emergency, we can be by your side in 20 minutes or less, helping you through a crisis like a break- in or a lockout. We also provide an appointment service for those less pressing but equally as important matters. Call us at (702) 577-2941.

The Residential Locksmith Las Vegas gets it done

Residential Locksmith Las Vegas Las Vegas Locksmith has excellent customer satisfaction rates because we really do care about your needs and expectations. Our technicians can offer you advice and knowledge as well as quality service and product supply. Additionally, we use the very best tools suitable for the job at hand. That way, you won’t have to worry about bad craftsmanship or a poor job being done. Especially relevant is that our technicians make sure to avoid causing further damage to your property. Because there are always cowboy technicians out there trying to make a dime from you, but not us.

Feel free to call our 24-hour customer service line (702) 577-2941 at any time. You can discuss your home’s security issues, request a service or to ask for a security evaluation. Finally, you can count on Las Vegas Locksmith to give you the best service possible. We are always happy to receive your call!

Additional Home Services:

Entry door lock service

Our first service is entry door locks. Entry door locks are very important as they are the first line of defense in the event of a burglary. Thus, our most reliable service is entry door lock service because protecting your house comes first.

Mailbox lock service

Mailboxes need to be highly protected. They have very sensitive information that can be used in the wrong way and can be highly harmful. Our locking system for mailboxes is available to protect your most valuable documents from getting into the wrong hands.

Garage Locks service

Your Garage door locks can be damaged in a number of ways. Either from burglars trying to enter your home or from wear and tear from the elements.  In order to not let that happen, we offer the best garage door locking systems for your make and model.

Outdoor locking system

For your house to be truly protected, your outdoor area should be safe and secure as well. Our outdoor locking system provides you the protection that you need hassle free.

Rekeying service

There are many reasons as to why you would need to rekey your home. We provide house rekeying which will help you give access to the friends and family you want. Therefore, we make sure to mitigate all damage to your property during this process. More about Rekey

House lockout service

Getting locked out of your house is a terrible event in anyone’s life, and it feels awful. Any issue can occur inside the house if you don’t have the keys. We provide you the service of easily opening your locks and mitigating your worries in no time. More about House Lockout

Locks changing service

If your house or car lock fails to work for any reason, we can help fix the lock or change it on the spot. Our locks are highly resilient to any problems and can help you secure your environment.
More about Lock Change