Lock Re-keying

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What does it mean to Re-key a Lock?

Re-keying is a locksmith service which can be used when you are: moving into a new apartment or house, lost your keys, or if your keys have been stolen. It is a very useful resource which Las Vegas Locksmith can provide. Re-keying is the less expensive option to having new locks installed. Thus, they can be installed on pretty much all locks given that the internal tumbler/wafer has not been damaged. If it has been damaged, then, unfortunately, re-keying cannot be performed and your only option would be to install a new lock.

Re-keying demands a high level of skill and knowledge from our hard working service team. Most noteworthy, each and every one of our technicians have undergone a huge amount of training in order to provide you such intricate services. Re-keying is an intricate process whereby the Locksmith uses a special set of tools and kits to open the lock. He then alters the pins inside of the lock so that they will fit a new key. Therefore, you can now discard all your old keys as they are now obsolete.

Who needs lock re-keying services?

Lock Re-keying Services

We highly recommend this service especially to people who have just lost or had their keys stolen. You run the risk of your key falling into the wrong hands if you do not take this matter seriously. It’s always better to take precautions when it comes to your family’s safety and well being. So be sure you know who in your family has a key to the house and who doesn’t. The same goes for when you’re moving into a new apartment or house. Workers and previous tenants could all have working keys and enter your property whenever they choose. Therefore, best stay safe and select a trustworthy friend or family member to look after a brand new spare key.

 Las Vegas Locksmith re-keys your lock fast

Our technicians can be ready to perform our lock re-keying services within 20 minutes of your call. You can speak with our friendly dispatch team whether it’s an emergency like a forced entry or you are just wanting to re-key your whole house. Whatever the reason may be, we are ready to receive your call and provide you our exclusive lock re-keying services. Las Vegas Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, with weekends and holidays included. Simply call (702) 577-2941 today for instant service or schedule an appointment with us when you’re available.

You can expect to receive only high standard, no-nonsense lock re-keying services from Las Vegas Locksmiths.