Access Control Systems

If you own a business or manage a building that needs restricted access for residents or employees, an access control system may be exactly what you need.

Depending on the type of system you have Locksmith Las Vegas install you will be able to restrict access to different areas based on fingerprint information, key cards, or even a keypad entry system. This enables you to only allow authorized visitors to enter the premises and move around the premises only to the locations granted to them on each personnel’s access system. This instantly increases the security of your property inside and out. Access Control Systems really do provide a greater level of security and are worth investing in for the security of your premises and also your employees.

Locksmith Las Vegas offers many different access control systems and installation services for buildings and commercial or industrial properties. From choosing the right access system for your company to having it installed and maintained, we are a leading provider for access control systems across the country. Our trained experts will professionally install your system to ensure you have the added security you need.

We offer a wide range of access control systems including:

  • Keypad Access– Allow building residents or employees to enter the building with a PIN number.
  • Biometric Access– Restrict access based on biometric fingerprint scanning.
  • Card Access– Only those with activated keycards will be able to unlock doors.
  • And much more– We offer many other solutions for access control; call us at (702) 577-2941 to talk with an expert and receive a free quote.


If you need an access control system for your building, call Locksmith Las Vegas today. Our security experts can help you with every aspect of your building’s access control. From choosing the right access control system for your property to having it professional installed by our team of security experts we give you peace of mind knowing your building is secure.

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