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Locksmith Las VegasWhen it comes to security and knowing what the best measures are most of us are pretty naïve and really don’t give it much consideration even the ones of us who are pretty handy and that’s ok. When it comes to choosing the right locks for you it is wise to use a professional like a locksmith. A locksmith works 24 hours in their trade and literally know every type of lock, key, security option old and new available to you. Therefore there advice is pretty precious and should be listened too carefully. Reputable locksmiths aren’t there to rip you off in any way they are there to guide you into making the rights choice regarding your needs and requirements. Ever property is different and every person has a unique set of needs using a professional service will guarantee you are making the best out of your security.

With so many assorted types available in today’s market it is good to have a small bit of base knowledge into a few of the possibilities.

Lever Handle lock – Most commonly found for internal use inside commercial properties, similar to the knob lock in terms of a rotatable cylinder. This lock is very easy to open and for disabled access. These locks can be broken with brute force, torque or picking.

Door knob lock – This type of lock is most commonly found on residential properties as a main locking device but should be used in conjunction with another more industrious lock. It is very often used on internal doors too. These locks are prone to lock picking and can be easily disengaged using a simple hammer.

High Security Lock – Are typically reinforced locks with hardened fabric

Rim and Mortise Lock – These are dual action locks acting like a knob lock and deadbolt, they are also much better protected against forced entry attempts but are susceptible to lock picking.

Deadbolt – Again used for residential purposes on external doors alongside another lock, like the knob lock. Deadbolts use a rotating cylinder and are much more difficult to attack especially with brute force, but can however be picked by a trained expert.

Cam Locks – Is normally found on furniture items such as filing cabinets or desk drawers. They can rotate both ways and are normally made up of a pin tumbler or tubular locking mechanism. This is extremely easy to pick.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts – Used in older apartment buildings, they are easy to install and very difficult to pick.

These are just a few of the many different lock types available today. The world of security expands much further than that and to all types of locations not only residential property, commercial and vehicles too. When making security decisions find yourself a professional locksmith they will better help you understand what you need, and just have the expanse of expertise that can make your whole lock conclusion that bit more simpler and less time consuming. Not to mention that installing locks is not an easy thing to do so regardless of a locksmith helping you make your choices installation should be performed by them to ensure that your locks work as they were designed too.

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