10 Tips to Protect Your Business Better

protect your business10 Tips To Protect Your Business Better

Burglars and criminals are always looking for the easiest way to break into a business, whether it’s large or small. However, many of them gravitate towards small businesses since they tend to spend less on security in general.

Therefore, it’s imperative to know how you will protect your business so you won’t become an easy target. Here are some rock-solid ways to buff up your security strategy and keep robbers at bay.

  1. Get an Access Control System

    • Access Control Systems are used to control access to sensitive areas of a business or building using biometric locks, magnetic entry keycards, fingerprint scanners, and iris scanners as well. They’re extremely useful for businesses that need lots of security to safeguard their valuables such as banks and investment firms.
  2. Get locks for all your desktop computers

    • Most employees keep their important data on their desktop computers at work. And overnight, these computers pretty much sit there unattended. If a burglar were to get into the building, he/she could extract any amount of sensitive data, even take the computers for themselves if they wanted to. Therefore, make sure you put locks on all your desktop computers or check that they’re still working properly.
  3. Rekey your office doors after a disgruntled employee leaves

    • You may have given your former employee the pink slip, and now they’re seeking revenge against the company they put their heart and soul into. Instead of being the victim in this situation, be safe and rekey all the doors in the office. It’s cheaper than changing the locks and guarantees a safe working environment for everyone.
  4. Have an employee hold on to a spare key in the morning

    • There are days where you show up to the office realizing you left your keys on the kitchen counter! Therefore, let an employee hold on to a spare key for you in case an incident like this occurs. This will also build trust and comradery with your subordinates.
  5. Check to make sure the front door lock is working properly

    • The front door may be the most overlooked piece of furniture in your business. Therefore, it’s important to check up on it several times a year to make sure the locks are working properly. Criminals tend to strike when you least expect it, so if you’re on top of your businesses’ security protocols, then there’s nothing they can do.
  6. Change Your Passwords

    • This not only applies to computer passwords, but your locks and access controls as well. Nowadays, software like Google and Alexa tend to notify you daily about saving your password in their browser memory. Unfortunately, this only makes it easier for criminals to steal your information faster. Therefore, make it a habit to change your passwords frequently.
  7. Consider installing High-Security Locks

    • It’s scary when you find out how easily someone can cut padlocks in this day and age. Locksmith Las Vegas offers high-security padlocks that are sure to keep you and your employees safe all day. We offer same day installation and 100% satisfaction on the job. So contact us today to install high-security locks for your business.
  8. Install Security Cameras

    • Installing security cameras for your business will go a long way in securing your household’s future. Just the sight of a security camera gives burglars the impression that the owner of the house cares about security, even a little bit. Because the objective for using any security equipment isn’t to stop the attack. Realistically, it’s to stall the criminal long enough for the police to arrive on the scene. Therefore, consider installing security cameras on your property.
  9. Lock your computer when you step away from your desk

    • This one is important if you work in a big office space. Many people try to cheat and steal to get ahead in their careers. So if they know that you work hard, they will try their best to make you let your guard down. And before you know it, your important data is gone without any witnesses to back you up. So make sure you lock your computer every time you leave your desk.
  10. Hold discussions with your employees on Company Security Policy

    • If security is becoming a big issue at your workplace, then it might be time to hold a company-wide meeting about it. You’re going to want to first reinforce the rules of the company regarding security and theft. Then, make it actionable so that employees can do something about it if it happens to them.

Ultimately, it is up to the business owner to secure his/her company in order to deter burglary and theft. While some of these measures may be costly, they may be the best investment you ever make because the consequences outweigh the expenses.

Protect Your Business Better With Locksmith Las Vegas

If you want any additional advice from experts in the field, contact Locksmith Las Vegas. They know commercial security better than anyone and can promptly advise you on the best security to protect your business.

How To Replace Your Front Door Locks

front door locksHow To Replace Your Front Door Locks

Many of us always wonder if we can replace a door lock and ask ourselves, “Do I need a locksmith to do this for me”? or “Can I do it myself”?

The importance of having to change a lock for your home is for safety reasons. It can be to keep previous tenants out or simply unwanted people from accessing your home and or property. Other reasons why we like to change the front door locks is if any part of the mechanism is broken or defective, it is best to replace it for a new one. It may sound hard to do, but it is an easy job. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so you can always have a locksmith do it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself, you have to be sure to have the right tools to get the job done.

You will need a new door lock set, a screw driver or drill.  When installing a new lock, it is an easy task that should only take you a few minutes. However, depending on how handy you are, it may take a bit longer than that.

The person that will be installing the locks must be sure to purchase the same brand of lock as the existing one. Just so that it fits into the same holes without having to do any alterations to the door. 

How do you know what brand the lock is?

Many of the front door locks have it on the latch. You can always take out the old lock and bring it with you to the hardware store to ensure you are purchasing the right brand and style of lock.

What do you need to look out for when purchasing a new lock?

Every set will include the basic pieces: 2 door knobs, a latch piece which will be fixed onto the door, and a strike plate that will attach to the door frame. The set will have 2 long nails and 4 short nails. You also want to be sure to purchase the appropriate color.

Basic Steps to replacing the front door locks:

  1. Remove the screws from the old lock on the inside of the door (Be sure to use adequate tools to have them removed)
  2. Be sure that you have purchased the same brand as your old one so that it fits your door.
  3. Remove the screws that secure the latch on the edge of the door. Once they are unscrewed, slowly remove the latch from the opening in the side of the door.
  4. Put the new latch into place. Be sure to use all new screws included with your new lock set as the old ones may be old and weaker.
  5. Lastly, you will place the door lock together. Place the outside knob and the inside knob so they meet in the middle and connect. After that, you will drive the screws into the holes on the inside knob to finish putting the lock back together.

Once again, if you do not feel comfortable doing the replacing of your lock, you can always contact a local locksmith to do the job for you.

What to do if Your Keys are Locked in the Trunk

keys locked in trunk

Keys Locked in Trunk? Here are 4 Things You Can Do Right Away

It only takes a split second. Before you know it, you locked your keys in the trunk of your car. In fact, it’s something most people are not even remotely prepared for. You didn’t even mean for it to happen, but it happened anyway.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, it is usually best to call a professional right away to get some peace of mind. However, if you have some time to spare, here are a few things you can try while you wait for help to arrive.

  1. Look for a Spare Key

    • Sometimes, you keep your spare keys in your back pocket. Otherwise, call your significant other or family member and see if they can get the spare key to you. Consider that it can take up to 1 hour for a technician to arrive at your location, so if your family lives nearby, they can get the key to you before the locksmiths can.
  2. Look for an Opening in the Back Seat

    • This one sounds simple enough, but if you’re panicking and not thinking straight, you may have forgotten that this method exists. If you have back seats, check to see if you can open them via a latch or a button on the seats. If your seats fold down, voila, you have just gained access to your trunk!
  3. Look for a ‘trunk open’ button at the driver’s seat of your car

    • Again, this sounds very simple, but we sometimes forget just how sophisticated our cars are these days. If you have access to your car interior, then look for a small lever on the driver’s side that lets you release the lock on your trunk. If you’re not sure where it is, check out your owner’s manual to see where it’s located in your car.
  4. Call a Locksmith

    The last option you have, if all else fails, is to call a local automotive locksmith working in the area.

    • If you have a smartphone, call up several locksmiths in the area and compare the quotes they give you. Many of them may be cheap, but they may not be honest about the total price. So make sure to check their website to see if they are a legitimate company to do business with.
    • Additionally, let the locksmith know about your situation when they get there. They may not immediately know your keys are in the trunk, so they may try to unlock your car first.
    • Remember that the locksmith will do as much as he/she can to open the trunk for you, so the price may vary from what you were originally quoted over the phone.
    • Keep in mind that these professionals may take up to an hour to get to your location.

Locksmith Las Vegas to the Rescue

When you have the keys locked in trunk, you can feel hopeless and lost. But it doesn’t have to be the end. If you really have run out of options and are stuck in a parking lot or on the road. Give Locksmith Las Vegas a call at (702) 577-2941 and we will come and open the trunk for you fast. We are open 24 hours a day so call us today for keys locked in trunk.

The World’s Unpickable Locks

high security locks (702) 577-2941Everyone locks the door to their house to keep their loved ones safe and secure their possessions. Placing a lock on your house door gives you an illusion of security that you very much need. While the lock is on your door, you feel safe and secured. But have you ever thought about lock picking? This involves manipulating the lock’s components to unlock it without using the original key.

Since the advent of lock picking, lock security is no longer guaranteed. Many people find this interesting and therefore would like to venture into lock picking. However, because this is mostly related to burglary, most people shy away from the practice. In this article, we discuss some of the world’s unpickable locks.  We will focus on the historical unpickable locks and later the modern day locks that are considered unpickable.

lock security

Joseph Bramah`s Unpickable Locks

Bramah was an English inventor and a locksmith who is also known for inventing the hydraulic press. Bramah attended some lectures and studied the technical aspects of locks and opened his own company called Bramah Lock Company.  After the lessons, he managed to patent the first safety lock in 1784. This was an unpickable lock of the 17th century and maintained for many years. After he made this lock, he offered a monetary reward to anyone who could pick the lock. For over six decades, many people tried until 1851 when an American locksmith won the prize.

Chubb Detector Lock

Alfred Charles Hobbs was the inventor of the detector lock that is classified among the unpickable locks. This is a lock that frustrates unauthorized access. Therefore, whenever someone tries to unlock it, the lock will indicate the failed attempt. Hence, the owner will be able to notice there was an attempt to pick the lock. Basically, the lock will jam until a special regulator key is used or the original key is used to unlock it.

The Chubb detector lock was invented in the 18th century after the Government of Britain announced a competition for locks production. This lock was designed with a security feature which acted as the regulator. The story of the Chubb locks is widely mentioned in various stories relating to security.

high security locks (702) 577-2941

The HYT Chain Key

Just as the name suggests, this lock has a loose chain injected into the lock. The keyway has a curve which is designed in such a way that it makes lock picking difficult using standard locks. Therefore, you have to use the original key to be able to open a door locked using this unpickable lock. However, the lock is considered delicate because of the key design. Therefore, many homeowners consider it more of a collection lock rather than a daily use lock.

August Smart Lock

This is a smart lock that is safe from lock picking. The lock is opened using a semi-exclusive use of smartphone applications. The house owner can either choose to use a key or access the room using a smartphone application. The lock uses a technology that makes it a safer choice for homeowners. This is because pickers cannot unlock the house once you make use of this smart lock.

Key Takeaway

Basically, there is considered to be no unpickable lock that exists. However, based on the practicality of picking the above locks, they are considered unpickable locks. Therefore, if you’re looking for high security locks for your business, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith Las Vegas for a free security estimate today.


Electronic Door Locks for your Home

Electronic Door Locks for your home or residential propertyElectronic Locks

In the past few years, the electronic lock industry has grown. Therefore, homeowners don’t have to break a leg to pay for one anymore. For this reason, it has become more affordable than ever to get an electronic lock. And more homeowners have come to use this kind of lock as an option.

Smart vs. Electronic Lock 

There is a misconception where people think that electronic locks are the same thing as smart locks. However, this is not completely true, as almost all smart locks are electronic these days.

A lock is considered a smart lock when it is able to communicate with other devices, like a smartphone or computer. The computer then gives access to lock, unlock, or further control the lock. I will break it down as to how an electronic lock would best fit your needs and which one works best for you.

Why get an electronic lock?

I think that the main reason people get an electronic door lock is for security and easier access when they are away from home. But at the end of the day, it’s all about convenience and security. Some locks offer additional features which can impact the overall security of the home. This can change if someone breaks in, which then leaves your home vulnerable.

So when choosing a lock, keep in mind that having additional features can not only cause complications, but it also depends on how easy it is to use.

Lock should be easy to install and use

The homeowner should be able to use and control the electronic lock with ease. Just as easy as it should be to control the lock, it should be to install the lock. Facts are that if the electronic lock is hard to install, it most likely is hard to use. This can determine whether the owner installs it himself or if he/she contracts a locksmith to do the job. Regardless, it doesn’t change how easy it is to use. Furthermore, the more expensive the lock is, the more likely it is that it has better security.

Toledo Locks

I will now go further into comparing the kind of electronic locks that are the most common, useful, and efficient. We will start with the Toledo locks. Not too many homeowners are familiar with these, but they are still just as accessible security- wise as any other electronic lock. The security feature on this lock is mainly the Jaen lever lock. Although it may not be as resilient in strength as the Medeco brand lock, it’s not as weak as a master lock either.

The lock bumping is something homeowners deal with daily, and this lock has a feature to guard against it. Which adds an extra layer of security to your home. Although the Toledo lock is a keyless lock, it is not considered a smart lock. It is electronic, however, and it features a keypad, a key, and a remote that can allow the lock to be opened from short distances. Now on to the next lock.

Lockstate Remotelock 5i

A lock that can restrict and authorize access in a seamless manner is always a good option for homeowners. The Lockstate RemoteLock 5i may not be as popular or elegant as other electronic locks, but it offers great features that homeowners can take advantage of. This lock is WiFi controlled and is available in a few different options.

This lock’s main feature is the security behind its keypad. The 5i lock can retain up to 1000 codes, and allows for privacy mode, which temporarily disables access codes except for the master one. Additionally, the WiFi feature allows the lock to be monitored remotely and controlled through mobile devices.

Schlage Sense Smartlock/ Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is a top quality electronic lock without the high price tag. This deadbolt is based more on its security compared to other electronic locks. The lock is a certified commercial Grade 1 deadbolt that withstands excessive force. It works to sense and prevent attacks, earning its name in every sense of the word.

The best way to use this lock is with a traditional key or the keypad. And to make things more exciting, it also responds to voice command when operating the lock. In addition, the Schlage Sense deadbolt integrates really well. It works with Bluetooth technology and can accommodate Apple HomeKit technology which allows control through Apple devices.

Kwikset Kevo Smartlock 2

If you are familiar with the 1st generation, then you know that the 1st generation flopped when it came to security. Well, the 2nd generation improved on its methods and has since regained a better reputation. This lock features advanced military grade PKI encryption and is equipped with advanced smart key technology, which will prevent lock bumping or lockpicking attempts. This lock generation is “engineered for easy installation” as it is built to work in place of your existing lock.

However, there may be a chance that your door might not be as compatible with the new specifications of the lock. When it comes down to this lock’s integration with other devices, this lock has a variety of ranges. It can connect with mobile devices which aid in the control of the lock. It can also connect with devices such as the Nest Thermostat and even the Ring Video Doorbell, among others.

Kaba Oracode 660 Electronic Keyless Lock

Although this lock is most popular among property managers, I think homeowners have a lot to benefit from it as well. This lock has a basic version and an upgraded version which allows wireless connectivity. One of the main security features of this lock is its “keyless” aspect. Having a keyed lock means an intruder will always have a point of access, and if given enough time, most locks can be picked.

I think another great part of this lock is that it can accommodate time-sensitive codes that allow visitors to come and go as they pleased during given times. Everything is available for installation upon purchasing this lock, which makes the installation process easier.

The verdict

When choosing a lock for your home, remember to take the time to assess where the lock will be placed and how easy it will be to access it. Every home is different and every home user has their own likes and dislikes. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you know what you want to get out of your lock.

Las Vegas Locksmith

Tips For Hiring A Credible Locksmith

credible locksmith las vegasTips for Hiring a Legitimate Locksmith

Everybody will need locksmith services at some point, whether you’re a homeowner or own a vehicle. The key is to stay safe when you’re locked out of your car or home in an emergency and need to call your local locksmith for help. Choosing the wrong locksmith can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs and fees if you’re not careful.

Do Your Research

A good tip to keep in mind is that when you’re locked out, and you’re looking for a locksmith in the heat of the moment, make sure to just get the quote from the company, hang up, and then call another company to see if you could get a better deal.

Because locksmiths have to pay for gas themselves to go and meet you, if you send them out for a quote, they will have already invested in the job and it looks bad on you if you then decide you don’t want the service anymore. Therefore, it’s always a good rule of thumb to call several locksmiths for a quote before you decide on one.

Ask for Recommendations

Many people have local handymen on their contacts that they trust. Ask around and see if you could get a lead from a trusted friend or family member.

Call the Business

This is the surefire way to know if a business is legitimate or not if you ask the right questions. Request an estimate for their services before you agree to hire them for the job. You also want to ask for their pricing and what hours they are available. For example, do you work after business hours? Do you charge for mileage to and from my location?

Look for an Actual ‘local’ Locksmith

Many locksmiths have popped up over the past few years claiming to be at a physical location that doesn’t exist. When you look up the business, make sure to visit the physical location and make sure it actually exists. Doing this will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Check the Technician’s Credentials

When the locksmith arrives at their site, you can ask them for their id and their license number. All locksmiths are supposed to have a Master Security License number, so if they are unable to procure it, it would be best to send them away and request another Service instead.

Here are 3 More Questions to ask the Dispatcher or Locksmith before hiring:

Where are you located?

How will you get into the house?

Do you need a picture of the lock?

Credible Locksmith Service Around The Clock

If you need a credible locksmith, look no further than Las Vegas Locksmith. We have the best technicians in Las Vegas and boast a team of local servicemen who provide 24 hour locksmith services around the clock. Give us a call today and get a free quote over the phone at (702) 577-2941.

Keyless Locks are your friend

Keyless Locks keep your home safe

Being able to open your lock without physically using keys to do it has been a huge time saver. Because the owner doesn’t have to take the keys with them every time they want to access their residence. Most importantly, they are secure and can help protect your possessions without worrying that it wasn’t locked properly. So, there are a variety of ways to do this such as push-button locks, wheel models and dial models. Push button locks help you set a pattern and wheel models have four scrolling wheels with numbers and letters. In addition, dial models have a rotating dial to set up a combination. As a result, lock boxes, in general, are very secure.

Hard to crack

These lock boxes can be very hard to break into, as they are highly secure and designed to take time. When you are in the market for one, try to balance between ease of use and lock strength. Be sure to select a tough combination for your lock or you risk a break in at any time. Additionally, combination locks are great because they do not suffer from environmental wear and tear. The locks are almost all electronic so you don’t have to worry about breaking your key when you insert it. If you do break your key in a lock, however, you’ll want to call a locksmith for help. Additionally, getting a keyless lock is smart because you can restrict access to your house to just your closest friends and family. And only they will know the code which lets you worry less about your home safety.

Why Keyless Locks are the way to go

On the flip side, combination locks have their own set of problems. For example, when people lock themselves out of their house because they forget the code to their lock. This can usually be avoided if you leave another group of people with clear instructions and a back up code. Or you could input an alternative code just in case you forget the original one. Some lock boxes will even tell you how many times your house has be accessed. This is useful in case you suspect that your house has been robbed or broken into.

Ways to Get an Ignition Key Replacement in Las Vegas

Lost Your Keys?

car ignition keys


Have you lost your car ignition keys? Do not worry as Locksmith Las Vegas have got your back.
We are providing premium ignition key replacement and various other services in Las Vegas.

Losing the ignition key of your vehicle is quite common, but it can be a frustrating situation if you’re in a hurry. You can spare yourself a headache, if you have a spare key.
Not everyone keeps spare keys of their vehicles with them all the time.
It can be an anxiety-provoking and an extremely inconvenient situation if you are stuck somewhere without your car key or locked out of it.
The first thing you need to do in such a situation is don’t panic.
You can get the vehicle ignition key replacement in Las Vegas by following the two methods.

First Option:

The first option is to call the auto dealer in Las Vegas from where you purchase the vehicle.
The option is quite popular, but it has certain disadvantages associated with it.
The first downside with calling your auto dealership option is that it can prove to be costly for you.
You will have to tow your car to their garage; it will cost you extra bucks.
Most of the auto dealers do not provide locksmith services, therefore they hire third party services for getting your ignition key replaced as a result you will be charged more.
Moreover, the process of getting your ignition key replaced from the auto dealer is also time-consuming.
It can take up to several days before you could get your car ignition key replaced.

Second Option:

The second and most definitely the better option is to hire the service of a renowned locksmith in Las Vegas.
They will not only provide you the services that are easy on your budget but also save your precious time as you will not have to wait for days before getting the ignition key replaced. However, the thing that holds the utmost importance is the hiring of a locksmith.
Make sure you are hiring the best locksmith as it requires a certain level of expertise to create new ignition keys.

If you are looking for the premium services of ignition key replacement, Locksmith Las Vegas is the name you can trust completely.
We are offering the best services at the best rates.
Our exclusive range of services includes mobile locksmith services which can bail you out of any inconvenient situation if you are locked out of your car or have lost your car keys and are running late for an important meeting.
We will send over best locksmith at your place and they will take the matter in their hands and provide you the most premium services of car ignition key replacement in Las Vegas at unbeatable rates. By availing our services, all the hassles of towing your car and waiting for days before you could get your ignition key will be eliminated. We are known to provide timely and the most effective services when it comes to ignition replacement in Las Vegas.

Our special features include:
  • Market-Competitive Rates
  • Instant Services
  • Professional, Experienced, and Expert Staff
  • Diverse Range of Services
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

So, do not wait anymore and contact us now. Even if you have not lost your keys, you can avoid the inevitable by getting a spare key from our expert locksmiths; it will save you the hassles if you ever end up in the frustrating and exasperating situation of losing the keys to your car.

How locks affect the protection of your family

Have you just misplaced the keys to your New apartment in Las Vegas? Or do you need some money badly from the safe at the office and you just can’t find it? Have you ever been in a situation where you or a member of your family broke the car key during starting the ignition and got stuck inside? Finding yourself or your ward in any of the above-listed situation can trigger some panic and anxiety—but not to worry.
Locksmith Las Vegas is hero without capes, and will make sure to put security and protection as his first need.


Deadbolts are one of the most common household protection available.
A deadbolt lock comes in a rectangular shape with spring mechanisms.
It also has an end pressure that fastens when projected.


Padlocks are u-shaped bars designed in such a way that it can hang on a chain.

These types of locks provide security to huge warehouses and storage facilities.
A Locksmith is capable of handling high-end security appliances.
Clients are relaxed and confident to carry out business in a protected environment, and this boosts the economy.

Locks are one of the most important features of any building.
It keeps unwanted people at adverse times out without compromising on an acquisition.
Various types of locks can be made available by a locksmith with consideration to the structure of your building.
The Electronic lock is a lock with electronic components which is sold in the form of fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, keypads, cards access, etc.
They are mostly used for building carrying massive investments like jewels and national treasure.

Safe Family

Locksmith Las Vegas is not only proficient with locks and keys but can provide other services like security assessment of home or business.
Locksmith Las Vegas also responds to emergency calls in the society.
Emergency incidents happen every day where people get trapped inside lock cars or buildings.
Commercial locksmiths when called upon often rush to the scene of the accident and unlock, this reduces the rate of fatalities.

A car locksmith is an expert in providing automobile lock services.
He always has the right tools to provide car lock services and retrieve a key from a locked car without smashing the screen or breaking the window.
You can also contact this type of locksmith if you are a victim of auto burglary.
You will immediately be assisted with repairing or replacing the locks that have might be damaged by the car thieves.

Types of locks to enhance the security of your house

Locksmith Las VegasTo keep the safety and security in place is the top most priority of every homeowner. When it comes to having the safety in place, Locks and Keys are the most important and functional tools available in the market. Although there are many types of locks, some of the most common types are-

  • Padlocks
  • Door knob locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Outdoor gate locks and levers
  • Bump resistant locks

Talking about locks the most important person who should be consulted for, is a qualified and talented locksmith Las Vegas has to offer. A certified locksmith has extensive knowledge about the various types of the locks and their functional uses to enhance the safety and security.

Below are the most common types of locks that are available-

  • Door knob locks: These are the most common and simple types of locks which can be seen almost everywhere and are used widely. However, the door knobs are not completely safe and are very easy to pick which increases the threat of burglary. Such door knob locks can be easily broken off with a hammer as well.
  • Padlocks: Padlocks are other commonly used portable locks with a shackle that passed through an opening such as a chain link or a staple. These are the only type of lock that works standalone and is not permanently attached to anything else. The use of additional chain prevents any chances of the theft or vandalism.
  • Outdoor gate locks and levers: A lever or outdoor gate lock is used for the added security features. This type of lock uses a set of levers to prevent the bolt from moving in the lock thus preventing any chances of misuse. The functioning of a lever lock involves lifting the tumbler above a certain height that allows the bolt to slide past easily. These lever locks are specifically designed to avoid theft and misuse of any type.
  • Bump-Resistant locks: Irrespective of the strong security features, burglars still come up with ideas to break any type of locks with an easy technique of ‘lock bumping’. Bump resistant locks provide the security net from the bumping. A number of certified locksmiths in Las Vegas and other law enforcement groups use a bump key for various security purposes such as in the situations of home or emergency lockouts.

The list is not exhaustive and there are several other types of locks such as switch locks, Cam locks, Mortise locks, and deposit box locks that can be used to add a layer of security to your house and commercial spaces.