10 Tips to Protect Your Business Better

protect your business10 Tips To Protect Your Business Better

Burglars and criminals are always looking for the easiest way to break into a business, whether it’s large or small. However, many of them gravitate towards small businesses since they tend to spend less on security in general.

Therefore, it’s imperative to know how you will protect your business so you won’t become an easy target. Here are some rock-solid ways to buff up your security strategy and keep robbers at bay.

  1. Get an Access Control System

    • Access Control Systems are used to control access to sensitive areas of a business or building using biometric locks, magnetic entry keycards, fingerprint scanners, and iris scanners as well. They’re extremely useful for businesses that need lots of security to safeguard their valuables such as banks and investment firms.
  2. Get locks for all your desktop computers

    • Most employees keep their important data on their desktop computers at work. And overnight, these computers pretty much sit there unattended. If a burglar were to get into the building, he/she could extract any amount of sensitive data, even take the computers for themselves if they wanted to. Therefore, make sure you put locks on all your desktop computers or check that they’re still working properly.
  3. Rekey your office doors after a disgruntled employee leaves

    • You may have given your former employee the pink slip, and now they’re seeking revenge against the company they put their heart and soul into. Instead of being the victim in this situation, be safe and rekey all the doors in the office. It’s cheaper than changing the locks and guarantees a safe working environment for everyone.
  4. Have an employee hold on to a spare key in the morning

    • There are days where you show up to the office realizing you left your keys on the kitchen counter! Therefore, let an employee hold on to a spare key for you in case an incident like this occurs. This will also build trust and comradery with your subordinates.
  5. Check to make sure the front door lock is working properly

    • The front door may be the most overlooked piece of furniture in your business. Therefore, it’s important to check up on it several times a year to make sure the locks are working properly. Criminals tend to strike when you least expect it, so if you’re on top of your businesses’ security protocols, then there’s nothing they can do.
  6. Change Your Passwords

    • This not only applies to computer passwords, but your locks and access controls as well. Nowadays, software like Google and Alexa tend to notify you daily about saving your password in their browser memory. Unfortunately, this only makes it easier for criminals to steal your information faster. Therefore, make it a habit to change your passwords frequently.
  7. Consider installing High-Security Locks

    • It’s scary when you find out how easily someone can cut padlocks in this day and age. Locksmith Las Vegas offers high-security padlocks that are sure to keep you and your employees safe all day. We offer same day installation and 100% satisfaction on the job. So contact us today to install high-security locks for your business.
  8. Install Security Cameras

    • Installing security cameras for your business will go a long way in securing your household’s future. Just the sight of a security camera gives burglars the impression that the owner of the house cares about security, even a little bit. Because the objective for using any security equipment isn’t to stop the attack. Realistically, it’s to stall the criminal long enough for the police to arrive on the scene. Therefore, consider installing security cameras on your property.
  9. Lock your computer when you step away from your desk

    • This one is important if you work in a big office space. Many people try to cheat and steal to get ahead in their careers. So if they know that you work hard, they will try their best to make you let your guard down. And before you know it, your important data is gone without any witnesses to back you up. So make sure you lock your computer every time you leave your desk.
  10. Hold discussions with your employees on Company Security Policy

    • If security is becoming a big issue at your workplace, then it might be time to hold a company-wide meeting about it. You’re going to want to first reinforce the rules of the company regarding security and theft. Then, make it actionable so that employees can do something about it if it happens to them.

Ultimately, it is up to the business owner to secure his/her company in order to deter burglary and theft. While some of these measures may be costly, they may be the best investment you ever make because the consequences outweigh the expenses.

Protect Your Business Better With Locksmith Las Vegas

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