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It would be wise to consider the security of your home, even if you rent or live in a gated community with a guard. Theft can happen to anyone at any time, and if you are at home when a burglar breaks in the situation can quickly become dangerous and put your life in danger.

You might consider installing a home security surveillance system in order to protect you and your family. There are also many other small, easy steps to take that don’t involve spending too much on alarms and cameras. Here are some basic tips to get you started:

  1. Secure garage doors and windows

Even though most front and back home entrance doors are fitted with good locks you have to check that the garage doors are fitted with high-security locks as well. You should also be checking doors that are walk-through and car doors. It’s easy to break through a garage with an old automatic door opener. It’s recommended that if a garage door model is more than 15 years old, it should be upgraded. The newer systems that use rolling codes are much more secure.

Concerning garages that have windows: the area is further away from the living space than others and it will be more difficult to hear if a window has been broken. If you are thinking about an upgrade to security glass or shutter windows, this may be a good choice. Either way you must make sure that the locks are secure. Be careful that there are no available entry doors with windows near-by. These can be broken into and a thief can penetrate to get into the door.

  1. Lock detached garages and storage sheds

Thieves can walk into your garden or storage shed and take sharp tools like shovels and axes that will allow them to break windows and enter your house. Therefore, these items should be locked. Ladders also need to be locked away so that burglars cannot get access to upper windows. Many homeowners tend to forget to lock these second story windows.

  1. Keep windows and doors locked

Windows should be kept shut and locked when the homeowner is not at home. In neighborhoods which high crime levels it should be kept in mind that windows always need to be locked. Doors need to be locked in these areas as well even when someone is present in the house. You should think about adding deadbolts as well as having a normal doorknob lock for extra security. This way the door cannot be kicked down.

  1. Don’t tempt burglars

Do you have a lot of high-value items such as a big TV, a nice car, and gold jewelry? In this case, you should be careful not to tempt criminals by putting these items in areas with high visibility. You don’t want any passerby to be able to see these items just by glancing. Especially if you are keeping expensive cars in your garage, you should think about buying curtains to cover the windows so people can’t see in. Likewise, it’s not recommend to put expensive (and moveable) items directly in front of your bedroom or living area windows so that people cannot see them.

  1. Keep your yard well lit

Burglars prefer to rob in dark areas with poor lighting. These areas are less likely to be seen, so it is important to check that your yard doesn’t give robbers a place where they are hidden from your view. If you choose to add outdoor lights with that have motion sensors, these will turn on at night when someone approaches the house. All of the yards (front, back, and side) should all be equipped with high-security lighting. If you are looking for something that is energy-efficient, you should get lights with sensors instead of lights that don’t go out at night.

  1. Cancel deliveries when out of town

It is as if you are inviting theft when you leave an empty house for an extended period of time. When you go away this should not be obvious to criminals. You should have the paper and mail services put on hold or have a house sitter who can pick it up. The post office can hold mail for 30 days. If you install lights that come on automatically at night this might help to trick robbers into thinking that the house is not empty.

  1. Change locks when moving into a new home

Even while renting a house it is smart to get the locks changed on the doors when you move into a new place, whether it be an apartment or a house. If it’s not a new building you will not be able to tell how many keys people are holding onto that can fit into your door. Over the years many will have been made.

  1. Don’t put your name and address on your keys

It happens often that keys get lost. If you are thinking it’s a good idea to put your name and address on the key ring you may want to rethink this decision. Keys get lost often, and putting your information on the keys will only help the thief to find your house and break in through the front door. It is possible that someone has found your keyring and they set up a time and place to meet you. As you are leaving the house to meet them, they come to your house and steal all of your valuable items.

  1. Don’t leave keys outside the house

A lot of people still leave spare keys underneath doormats, in pots, on top of shelves etc. Even if you think you have chosen a well-concealed spot, a burglar will still be able to find it.  Criminals rob people for a living so they are aware of all the tricks possible. Think about getting biometric door locks. This way, if you lose your keys and can’t get back into the house, you can instead open the door with a thumbprint or a unique PIN code.

  1. Install a safety spy hole or “peep hole” at your front door

We are all told as children not to open the door to strangers. For adults, also, this is good advice.  A great way to check who is at the door without opening it is to add in a peep hole. This way, you can easily see who is standing outside the door, but they can’t see you. As far as home security upgrades go, this one is fairly inexpensive and simple.

By now, you should be able to say there there are many home security choices that you can make and any one of these upgrades will make your house less tempting to break into. These are very low cost to install and will be well worth it to keep your family safe. So don’t wait any longer. Make your home a safe place today.



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