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Get the Best Lock For Your Home Security System

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Locksmith Las Vegas (702) 577-2941

Almost every individual is aware that having a good lock on the door is an essential part of keeping you home secure. Not everyone knows, however, that for a small cost it is possible to upgrade the house’s security with various door locks that are currently being sold on the market.

Most commonly used in the U.S. are pink tumbler type locks. These locks are standard and have keys that have special ridges that are entered into cylindrical devices that fasten them and are secured into a door. These locks fasten the door to its frame. The lever tumbler lock is a different type of lock that is more popular in parts of the world such as Europe and South America.  This mechanism consists of a series of levers that are kept in place to keep the door locked. The key then lifts up the tumbler, moves the levers, and the door is now open. The level of complexity varies for these two kinds of standard locks. The more solid and complex that these locks are made, the better it is for your security. Don’t think that this type of lock is unsafe if that happens to be the kind of lock found on your door. It is important to be informed about which types of locks exist, and the varying degree of safety between them.

It is possible to increase your home’s security level by changing door locks. Nowadays, there are many electronic solutions that are both safe and secure. For example, you can have a keypad installed. This involves a complicated system of locks which can be set or released with the touch of a couple buttons. This type of lock does not provide a potential criminal with any way to jimmy the lock or to easily open the door. Also, because the keypad has been pre-wired, it is easy to link all doors on the house to the main home alarm system. This way, if someone were to tamper with the keypad or try many incorrect combinations, an alarm would sound automatically. This would most likely either scare away the criminal or, get police to your house by sending an alert to the security company.

Another good example of a viable electronic security system is called the fab system. This system involved an electronic pad that is mounted by your door. The pad controls heavy locks which link the door with its frame. The electronic pad and fab key communicate when held close together. This allows the door to open. The fab key comes in various sizes, but tends to be small and rectangular like an ID card. The type of fab key that you choose is up to you. Similar to the keypad, since the system is electronic, it is connected to your alarm system as well.  This means that if someone were to tamper with it, it will set off an alarm.

Door locks are a crucial aspect of your home security system. If you can afford to spend extra, it will always be better to buy a high-security lock. It is a long term investment for you safety and the safety of your family.



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