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What is a Locksmith?

Have you somehow gotten locked out of your car or house? If you don’t have a spare key, and don’t know anyone who has a spare key, it’s probably time to call a locksmith. Locksmiths are an important part of our society. In addition to helping people out of tricky situations they also fix and make locks and other security systems, including vaults, safes, and alarm systems. They also can make duplicate keys. Locksmiths are good people to ask if you need a recommendation for a high-security device. Nowadays, security is a growing concern and locksmiths have to always update and keep security devices current. Some people try to fix small lock problems on their own but it is a much better idea to call a locksmith because they are by far the most well-informed and safest choice.

There is no special training that is mandatory for locksmiths. A lot of locksmiths tend to learn on the job, while they are working with more experienced, seasoned locksmiths. Some locksmiths attend seminars as part of their training process. Training time tends to take from several months, to even years.

Some people are weary of locksmiths because they are trained to pick locks and take apart security systems. Fortunately, only locksmiths with a clean criminal record are hired for the job. They also must prove to their employer that they are an honest person. Locksmiths need to able to tell who they can trust as well. They have to be able to verify that if they get a call from someone saying they are locked out, that it is actually the homeowner who is attempting to get into the house.

Some locksmiths choose to open their own business instead of staying with their original company that they trained with. Others yet choose to move to a related industry such as mechanical repair.

Locksmiths know that emergency situations occur all the time, even in the middle of the night. Most locksmith companies operate 24/7 and have a locksmith available to take calls at all times. This is in case a customer has a need at odd hours of the night or during a holiday.

The hiring fee for a locksmith varies depending on the company, the technician, and what job is being done.

We don’t recommend that you attempt to pick your own lock or take apart a security system. This type of venture could end up further damaging the lock and you will pay more in the long run. It’s a much safer choice to hire a qualified locksmith instead. This will guarantee that the job is done efficiently and correctly.




Locksmith Las Vegas (702) 577-2941